The Home Of The Original Kaufman County ARES, Inc. Website

Kaufman County ARES, Inc. or Kaufman County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc. is no longer
actively operating in Kaufman County. Due to lack of interest by the OEM office and various conflicts,
we are disolving the corporation at the end of 2015. We are no longer accepting membership into our former
ARES program. If you interested in ARES, please contac the ARRL and see if they can provide contact
information for who may be running the latest version of ARES in the Kaufman County Region.

Kaufman County Amateur Radio Emergency Service, Inc. is a registered Texas Non-Profit Corporation with a 501(c)3 designation
from the IRS. The ARRL holds the trademark rights to ARES in the user of the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) program.
We are no longer part of this program and other than our name and domain name, we have no connection to the ARES program.
We do reserve the right to extend the life of this corporation past the end of 2015 if we so wish to do so, or if requested
to do so by the ARRL.

Kaufman-Ares.org is the property of Southern Search and Rescue, Inc. for the benefit of Kaufman County ARES, Inc.
We reserve the right to place this domain up for sale in the future if we desire to

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